Watercolor 2

I recently purchased watercolor tubes, brushes and paper.  This came about from rediscovering my watercolor pencils in the bottom of a desk drawer.  The pencils were fun, but they seemed better for fine details.  I found myself wanting to just paint and not focus so much on drawing first.  After some doodle/practice with my new toys, I tried painting close-up shots (mostly flowers).  While it was fun, it wasn’t satisfying.  There was too much detail and not enough color blending.  One evening, as I was getting out of work, I noticed the end of the sunset in the parking lot.  The silhouette of the bare trees against the fading light was compelling.  When I got home, I began to practice making tree forms.  My most favorable results came from my #1 – 4585 (Royal Majestic) brush.  The fineness of the brush doesn’t lend itself well to using it for the trunks of larger trees, so I’m getting practice switching between brushes.  In addition, I’ve been experimenting with sunset skies.  I’m going to continue focusing on these subjects.  Sometimes I have trouble with sustained fascination, especially when it comes to subject matter for art and craft creation.  That I have made several post-sunset scenes in a row and wish to continue doing so seems like a good thing.  Payne’s gray has been my go-to color — I like the shadows and mystery it can create in an image.


About Erin

I am a watercolor and embroidery artist who loves going to art exhibits and meeting other artists.
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