Motivation – Craft Days

Inspiration and motivation is a two-headed beast with which artisans constantly struggle.  When art is a hobby, it can take a back-seat to the necessities of living, but sometimes we choose to neglect it in favor of activities we later regret.  Mindless media consumption can give the illusion of relaxation, but it won’t make you feel fulfilled and at peace the way creative work can.  In The Gift of Play, Barbara Brannen discusses how women in American culture do not allow themselves to play, and the detrimental effects it can have on themselves and their families.  Sometimes, the best way to ensure we work on our art is to carve out specific times and/or days for it to occur.  This requires that other family members honor your time.  Honor and respect are yoked.  You must also use the time you have given yourself.

The past six months some of my friends and I have been experimenting with craft days.  Someone volunteers their home for an afternoon, and we all get to chat, eat, and work on our projects.  I’ve noticed that the effects of this effort are not merely found at the events themselves.  Projects that have languished for months or years have been brought out and finished by these women outside of our get-togethers.  By choosing to spend time together crafting, we have also started to choose to spend our time at home creating.  It will be interesting to see where this eventually leads.

Invite your friend(s) for craft day.  Create a Meetup group.  Make your birthday party an art day party.  Work on your scrap book, haul out your sewing machine for your friend to use.  Show off your tools, let us see your results.  Be free!

Please share your experiences in the comment field.


About Erin

I am a watercolor and embroidery artist who loves going to art exhibits and meeting other artists.
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