Cat, 16, Has Window Privilages Revoked Hours Before New Vertical Blinds Are Installed

Cat owner, Duane Johnson, discovered that his pet cat, Ichi, was gnawing on the vertical blinds while perched in the dining room window.  “I had seen him doing this before, while the other set of blinds in our living room were on the floor.  We were painting the room at the time and needed them out of the way.  He starts by rubbing his face against them repeatedly, then he’ll take a little nibble.  Once he has punctured through, he really goes to town and soon the whole slat is covered in saliva.  He does this with cardboard boxes too.”

Johnson’s wife, Erin, was planning to hang the new set of blinds later that morning.  “I had pulled the box out into the living room, just before breakfast.  I saw Duane standing at the window in the dining room, looking at the blinds.  I said, ‘What’s going on?’.  He said, ‘I just caught Ichi chewing on the blinds here.  I think these new blinds are doomed’.  Well, Ichi really only gets up in the window anymore because we placed a little table next to it.  He’s getting old, so he doesn’t like to jump unless he has to.  So I said to Duane, “Well, that’s it, we’ll just have to move the table.  He can still look out in the office window.”

Ichi refused to comment, but he did sniff the rug where that small table used to sit.  He was later seen chewing the blinds again, after Erin removed them to make way for the new set.


About Erin

I am a watercolor and embroidery artist who loves going to art exhibits and meeting other artists.
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