Inspiration and Working

I keep a notepad and pen in my purse so that I can scratch my inspirations down whenever they come up.  Today, I went through all the little notes and the notebooks that I have and typed them into my laptop.  Creating the notes was useful and fun, but storing them as piles of paper was blocking my ability to use them.  They cluttered my shelves and storage bins.  I also discovered that I was creating new material during “official” writing sessions as an excuse to not go through The Pile.

Most artists have gone through the experience of sitting down to work, but having nothing in mind to do.  I have found that it feels best when I can begin working immediately on an inspiration.  So, now that the little piles of papers are now electronically organized, I can browse the files and scale the hump of writer’s block.  Reading through the notes made me realize that I have real a collection of unfinished stories and ideas.  Recently, I just finished completely assembling my first short story that wasn’t based on a school assignment.  The short story isn’t really finished though, because now it is in the editing phase.  The progress on this story makes me feel like I’m not just a kooky lady who  scribbles in a notepad out on lunch break.


About Erin

I am a watercolor and embroidery artist who loves going to art exhibits and meeting other artists.
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