Abstract patterns – Ink and Watercolor

I’ve been spending time thinking about patterns – how can we form good habits, why is the world the way it is and are recent events a repetition of past events?  The world around us is built on patterns and we look for them in all branches of science.  Our bodies respond to this arrangement; they adapt and become calmer when a pattern is recognized, even if it is subconscious.  Some patterns are so large that when we observe a small portion of the pattern, it seems chaotic instead of controlled.  The work below is my response to the patterns I’ve been observing.  This is the entire piece; I intentionally worked to the edges of the paper to give the impression of obscured sections.  This way the viewer is aware that they do not have a clear view of the array and to add an additional scale.  I began this work around the middle of December and it took me approximately fifteen hours to complete.


Large and Small Patterns - ink and watercolor, 9" x 12"

Large and Small Patterns – ink and watercolor, 9″ x 12″


About Erin

I am a watercolor and embroidery artist who loves going to art exhibits and meeting other artists.
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