Cabbage – The Beginning of Autumn


Although I am not a huge fan of cabbage dishes, I have always liked the plant for its own beauty.  There are so many interesting colors in cabbage and many varieties are not represented at the grocery store.  But when people choose to put them in their gardens, the giant leaves and head make this plant stand out from the rest of the vegetables.



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3 Radishes


This is my latest veggie painting.  For this illustration, I wanted to paint with complimentary colors, which is why I chose radishes as the subject.


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Weekend project – Trash to Treasure

This new space gives an extra dimension to my studio which I can dedicate to calming and beautiful objects.

Saturday morning while flipping through the Merchandiser and sipping coffee, I saw an ad for a yard sale on the other side of town offering beads and art supplies, so I decided to check it out.  The weather was gorgeous – even though it is the beginning of September, I could smell autumn in the air.  The sort of weather that propels you outside.  The sale was at a city house up on the porch and along the sidewalk.  I first spotted two small, dirty, white milk glass vases.  They had a retro geometric pattern that I digged.  Then, I saw the unfinished shelf .  I’ve been wanting to add a shelf to my studio for some time, spending hours on Pinterest contemplating the design and what I wanted to spend.  Total asking price for the shelf and vases: $3.

The supports were removed with a screwdriver and then the base was given three coats with paint leftover from a previous home decor project.

I used a leveler to ensure that the shelf was straight while I marked the holes for the screws and later twisted them into place.

Lemon thyme from my garden resting in the freshly washed vase.

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Fresh Asparagus – Finished painting and pencil sketch







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Sea Creatures: Sea Anemone – Contracted

This colorful sea anemone is contracted to protect against enemies and to slow down metabolism.


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Ocher Glaze #1

This is a piece that was inspired by some playing I had done a few months ago.  I was inspired by Jeannie Dobie’s book Making Color Sing and was exploring the glazing technique she discusses in the book.  I also continue examining strokes I have learned from prehistoric artwork.

Ocher Glaze 1

Ocher Glaze #1.


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Yellow Tropical Fish

Just finished this little guy today.  I’m starting to get the hang of the magnetic lasso tool in order to get a nice cut-away of my painting.



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